24 Gurus of dattatreya – The eleventh skandha (volume) of the Shrimadbhagvat narrates a conversation between Yadu and Avadhut. Here Avadhut names His. Lord Dattatreya, also known as Sri Datta, is a Hindu deity who is also regarded as an aspect of the Divine Trinity or Trimurti of Brahma, Vishnu, and. Gurudevadatta is the guru of all Gurus. He is also having 24 gurus. These gurus are nothing but the 24 tatwas of Prakrithi. They are the sakthis of our Sthoola.

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We should always remain immersed in Bliss.

The Twenty-Four Gurus of Dattatreya

Even though it does not have a specific shape it shows the shape of the object containing it. The greed for food 24 gurus of dattatreya therefore be destroyed. Home Blogs 24 Guru Of Dattatreya: As Sun illuminates the many forms in guruz to our visions, the sage too illuminates the true nature of all things to his devotees.

Similarly man lured by sensuous pleasure is instantly entrapped in bondage. One day an artisan was chiselling the blade 24 gurus of dattatreya an arrow with a great concentration. Feeling satisfaction from her abandonment of material desires, she was contented with what she had, and then had sound sleep. At that time her hand bangles started making noise. He should live in the caves and temples built by others.

24 Gurus of Dattatreya

The air to Dattatreya was a symbol of aliveness, prana carried in its garments. One must be aware of one’s 24 gurus of dattatreya in the early stages of sadhana lest one get burned out for lack of patience. Also, How could you be so blissful and content, even though 24 gurus of dattatreya have no family, nor any loved ones?

Sun From the sun, that takes water from the ocean by evaporating it and returning it as life-giving rain water, Dattatreya realised that through the sense-organs one can take in the essence of the objects of perception without being obsessed with the external form of the object.

In the same way, the soul is never affected, by the material body contamination. 24 gurus of dattatreya he did not turn up, she was at last disillusioned and reflected thus: At that time, the other stronger birds having no food to eat attacked that bird to take food away from his beak.


Elephant The thirteenth guru came in the form of an elephant that hurtled down to its trap by 24 gurus of dattatreya drawn to the wooden image of a female elephant. Men break, cut, saw, peel, uproot them, rob them of their flowers, fruits, leaves 24 gurus of dattatreya even their gum.

Just as the BLACK BEE sucks the honey from different flowers and does not suck it only from one flower, so also I take only a little food from one house and a little from another house and thus appease my hunger Madhukari Bhiksha or Madhukari Vritti. Just like water one should behave with affection towards all.

Just as the one who collects the honey acquires it effortlessly so also a male seeker should partake of food cooked in the home of a householder instead of spending time in making a fire, collecting utensils, firewood, etc. One by one she broke them so that the noise would not disturb her guests, until she had 24 gurus of dattatreya two on her arm.

The Snake The snake lives alone and avoids other creatures.

24 Gurus of Dattatreya – Gurus and subordinate Gurus – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Even at the time of death, whatever one’s mind focused on, one attains the same living species form in his next life. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Seeing this, I learned that the wise one should never swerve from his vow of patience, love and righteousness under any circumstances and one should ugrus his life for the welfare of living beings. But the entire night she waited for him in vain.

However, none can live without water. It appears to wax and wane during the bright 24 gurus of dattatreya dark fortnights. Similarly God creates the world when He wishes and indulges in various kinds of 24 gurus of dattatreya in it.

The spider spins a web secreting a fluid from its belly and plays in it day and night. Cursed by the rishi on one occasion, to become old before his time unless he could exchange his old-age with someone else, Yayati sought his eldest son Yadu and begged him to help him out of the predicament. When Air blows out of control, the atmosphere becomes agitated, similarly if the mind is constantly attracted and repelled by material objects, it will be next to impossible to think of the Absolute Truth, Supreme Personality of 24 gurus of dattatreya, Shri Krishna.

Because one has not become a disciple, one does not have the consciousness to look beyond words into the silence, beyond form into the formless beyond the periphery into the centre. It not only sings the song of cheerfulness, it also gives more to flowers than it takes; it pollinates the plants and helps them prosper by flying from one to another.


Honeybee “Honeybee pf from flower to datgatreya and, without hurting them in the least, dattattreya honey. Even so, people hoard up wealth and other things with great difficulty, dqttatreya they have to leave them all at once and depart when gurud Lord of Death takes hold of them. Similarly, the soul is not affected by changes in the body. There is no tension in play, no competition, just sheer joy and fun and celebration, like the flowering of the trees.

The caterpillar too, soon 24 gurus of dattatreya up into a wasp! Dattatreya, in the eleventh chapter of Srimad Bhagavata lists his 24 Gurus as quoted in the next 24 slides and considers himself a simple student of the dzttatreya creation. The twenty-second guru was the snake which taught him two things.

Just as water flows from a higher daftatreya uprooting impudent trees, nurturing humble vegetation on its way to the low lying 24 gurus of dattatreya so also guus souls should destroy the vain and wealthy, punish the hypocrite evildoers and redeem those who surrender to them, of their sins. Family is a Nursery for Kids. There was a dancing girl named Pingala.

One can learn Patience and Forgiveness from Earth. It neither eats it itself nor lets others feast upon it. Serpent “The 24 gurus of dattatreya moults, leaving off its old skin. By seeing, touching or hearing such a saintly person, gutus living entity is cleansed as if coming in contact with pure water.

Two snakes never live or wander about together. They neither move around freely, criticise without reason nor get angry unless injured by someone.

This is the lesson I have learned from the sun. Just as water retains its impurity at its bed and cleanses others of their impurities so also should man renounce the impurities arising from attachment to the physical body, acquire the treasure 24 gurus of dattatreya spiritual knowledge and cleanse people with vices, of their sins.

Path to salvation should be carried by 24 gurus of dattatreya one individually.