3 Sep The car and the confessional box have a great deal in common, and Neil LaBute riffs on the similarities in this cycle of unrelated playlets. Autobahn: A Short-Play Cycle [Neil LaBute] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sitting in an automobile was where I first remember. 19 Dec In AUTOBAHN, Neil LaBute’s provocative collection of one-act plays set within the confines of the front seat, the playwright employs his.

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And part of its job is to leave me thinking about it and asking questions, so there you go. He has since formally left the LDS Church. It only lent itself to her being annoying all over again ten seconds later. There were so many opportunities here for different types of people and instead we just got middle America deadbeats. King’s HeadLondon. This could have been a cute, fun little story about two bros scheming to get back a beloved game system.

These extended dialogues really flesh out the characters and give them meaning. The balance of this many monologues was just strange and unwelcome. Thornton WilderHenrik Ibsen. Mr Macaroni and the Exploding Pizza Pie.

In a sense, it’s classic LaBute.

Autobahn: A Short Play Cycle

But instead it was monologue number three. And half of them were just long monologues where the other character did nothing. LaBute had a great ear for dialogue and a knack for writing characters that reveal much more about themselves than they mean to. But they were overshadowed by the piece as a whole falling flat.


The fact that it wasn’t creepy made it creepier. Interesting collection of short plays! Oct 08, Danielle rated it liked it. I guess that you’re supposed to be left in that kind of place with a short story like this, but I just wish that I understood better exactly what went down. But it was told in such a way that I was just like, uh, that’s a bummer. Which, again, I didn’t appreciate.

Autobahn – Variety

The concept is great – seven mini-plays set in cars, two people. He had one line.

But it isn’t an all together common nell and it was boring to read about it in character after character. And with this repetitive material, it would have to be really, really good. I mean, once again, it was a crazy character.

Additional Info In Autobahn, Atobahn LaBute’s provocative collection of one-act plays set within the confin’s of the front seat, he investigates the tentative apprehension that surrounds the steering wheel. My favorite was the play entitled “Long Division.

Autobahn review – Neil LaBute’s playlet cycle gets under your skin

William LinkRichard L. And we don’t get the opportunity to understand the girl at all. Labue I already said, I didn’t like crazy girl. Interesting collection of short plays that take place in the front seat of a car. I wish I could write like this! Kinda weird seeing an American play in London, we wondered if it would work, but it was pretty good.

It would have been nice for one of these to be, I don’t know, a short family drama or something with one or two likeable characters. Glancing through it again, I’m reminded that I really did like one part of this scene. That I identify hardcore with. From the back cover, I thought that I would be reading very different stories with very different and c This play was disappointing.


This story could have had weight. Jan 01, Ellesse Hargreaves rated it liked it Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I didn’t care what happened, or why she was so paranoid, I just wanted her to shut up.

It was upsetting, yes. Hidden in the back seat of a sedan, I quickly realized how deep the chasm or intense the claustrophobia could be inside your average family car. Published January 3rd by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Aug 16, Lori rated it liked it. Thankfully, I did like the boy, I guess because he was normal. There are no more than 2 characters in each one, and sometimes, one character does not even speak.

Then we have the similarities of the characters. She’s still– – You missed the turn. And then I read them and they were I have one more of his plays, Fat Pig, which I can not wait to read.

Merge offers a woman making a convoluted, sometimes torturously evasive confession to her husband on a laute route back from the airport. Just to mix it up.

There are no labutte topics on this book yet. Now, I am a person with a preoccupation with words; most writers probably are. Show 25 25 50 All.