The Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSS) is a valuable tool for clinicians to examine suicidal intent in patients. Developed for use with patients of 17 years and. current study tested whether the 19 item Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSS) is measurement invariant. (MI) over time. As the first five items of the scale are. Suicidal ideation as measured by the BSS has been shown to be strongly German Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation (BSS): Psychometric properties from a.

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J Am Stat Assoc. High correlations between the BSS and other instruments for the measurement of suicidality have also been found, for example with the Suicide Probability Scale [ 25 ], the Adult Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire [ 25 ], and the Ratings of Suicidal Thoughts [ 24 ], providing support for convergent validity.

Proper conduct of the interviews was assessed by sending prestamped postcards to Self-discrepancy and suicidal ideation. Although beck scale for suicidal ideation bss has been translated into several languages, so far, there has been no official German version. The reasons and behavior of individuals identified as being at risk of suicide can be of high interest to a therapist.

Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation® (BSS™)

Subsequently, goodness of fit was evaluated considering three different criteria and their respective cutoff values for a good model fit: Participants are instructed to choose the particular statement of each group that is most applicable to them.

Routinely screening individuals for endorsing suicidal thoughts could ffor lives and protect many from severe psychological consequences following the beck scale for suicidal ideation bss of loved ones.

Suicidal ideation as measured by the BSS has been shown to be strongly associated with hopelessness e. Pearson Assessment however did not commission the preparation of this manuscript nor did they interfere with data analysis and interpretation of results.


Scores range between 0 and 20, with higher values indicating greater hopelessness. Suicidal ideation has been identified as one of the major predictors of attempted or actual suicide. In the risk group, item-total correlation values were mostly satisfying except for items 11 and Applying computer adaptive testing to optimize online assessment of suicidal beck scale for suicidal ideation bss Each statement group consists of three sentences that describe different intensities of suicidal ideation, representing a three-point scale 0 to 2.

Numerous other people are affected by every suicide and often need psychosocial support [ 3 bfck. Can J Beh Sci.

Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation® (BSS®)

Brodsky BS, Stanley B. Resiliency Scales for Children and Adolescents It might be more likely that the German BSS is a more conservative measure than the questionnaires employed in the aforementioned studies. The Scale is made up of 21 items and can be completed in 5 scake 10 minutes. Suicidal ideation, self-harm and attempted suicide: The BHS [ 43 ] is a item scale measuring negative attitudes about the future.

Beck scale for suicidal ideation bss prevalence and risk beck scale for suicidal ideation bss for suicidal ideation, plans and attempts. Its convincing overall quality has made the BSS one of the major scales for the assessment of suicidal ideation worldwide. Consent for publication Not applicable. For each of nine optimistic and 11 pessimistic statements beck scale for suicidal ideation bss are asked to report whether it describes their attitude during the last week true or not false.

Sensitivity of goodness of fit indexes to lack measurement invariance. Ebck Data collection was founded by Pearson Assessment. Internal consistency Internal consistency based on the polychoric covariance matrix was computed as coefficient alpha.

We used the R package mice [ 46 ] for imputation. However, also in the three duicidal mentioned above, representative samples of adults were interviewed at home, filling out short questionnaires about their suicidality.


Discussion In this study, we investigated the psychometric quality of the German BSS using ideatioj German representative population sample. Our study involved cross sectional data, hence suicidxl predictive validity nor retest-reliability were examined. Please review our privacy policy. The German translation of the BSS is a reliable and valid instrument for assessing suicidal ideation in the general population. Zhang J, Brown GK.

Randomized controlled trial of a brief problem-orientation intervention for suicidal ideation. Effectiveness, response, and dropout of dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personality disorder in an inpatient setting. Twelve month prevalence of and risk factors for suicide attempts in the ld mental health surveys.

Several risk factors for suicidal behavior have been identified, for example low socio- economic status, experienced child abuse, and mental disorders e. Comfort becl suicidal cognition in recurrently depressed patients.

Clinical Assessment Canada

In future research, investigators should therefore use the German BSS in larger clinical samples more prone to duicidal ideation as for instance depressive patients. Pricelist can be downloaded here: Dimensional latent structure of somatic symptom reporting in two representative population studies: The role of hardiness in decreasing stress and suicidal ideation in a sample of undergraduate students.

beck scale for suicidal ideation bss

Open in a separate window. Didn’t get the message? Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Especially because many practitioners are treating suicidal individuals without realizing it: Purpose Assess an individual’s thoughts, attitudes and intentions regarding suicide.