This manual is part of the THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES. A little talk at the Executive Toastmasters Club of Makati, Philippines on The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate by ACG-ALB Raju. Evaluate to Motivate. Why Evaluate? Logical. Communication is not a one way process. Did your communication succeed? How could it have been more.

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Show that you are interested.

Evaluate to Motivate

The ultimate responsibility lies with the speaker. Jim Rohn Self Help Guru. Encourage group evaluations; the more feedback the better. Includes a copy of Distinguished Club Program booklet.

I prefer to just read about the topic, think about it and at most jot few points. Note that you will need to login to the Toastmaster site in order to download or purchase hard copies of the series.

Successful Club Series – District 4 Toastmasters

What I saw Did the speaker use evaluafe gestures and appropriate body language? Provide the speaker with suggestions for improvement based upon the possible effects of specific changes or modification in his or her presentation.

Accept your reactions as your own and not evaluatr attributes of the speech or speaker. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: After all, we all know that we evaluatee areas to work on and eavluate know that we have good skills that can be improved.

This approach allows the speaker to focus on what is being said. Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join. This might bring down the confidence level of the speaker. The problem is that the evaluation offers nothing to help the speaker grow in his or her ability to communicate. You are not speaking on behalf of the audience; in fact, your opinions may differ from those of the rest of the audience.


I know of a few friends who do the same as you do and I feel that is a great talent especially with impromptu speaking. A speaker will long remember a super critical evaluation but never in a positive way.

So, first and foremost, show that you are truly interested in the speech and that you are interested in helping the speaker grow. Use personal statements whenever possible, describing your reactions to the speaker. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. An evaluator must concentrate on specific methods for improvement. When the speaker receives these cues from the listeners, he or she finds the evaluation simple and direct.

Evaljate self-evaluation tool essential to every club’s success is described in detail here. Constructive changes grow out of mutual understanding, not judgment. This entry was posted in Resources.

As an evaluator, you can’t make the speaker change their behaviour. Your function is to provide the speaker with information they can use for a basis of improvement.

The more effective we are in evaluating each other, the more each one of us will profit from the experience, whether we are delivering a speech, evaluating, or sitting in the audience.

Disadvantages it takes time can be risky with a new speaker who may not know what consitutes good speaking because it lets the speaker ultimately decide it can stimulate changes that are tooastmasters from what the evaluator may have suggested Some of these methods could even be combined with the speaker and evaluator having a discussion after the meeting, which other members are able to join in or also give feedback.

Show that you care Suit your evaluation to the speaker Learn the speakers objectives Listen actively Personalize your language Toastmasterw positive reinforcement Help the speaker become motivated Evaluate the behaviour not the person Nourish evaluats esteem Show the speaker how to improve Speakers Responsibilities Communicate your goals Help your evaluator prepare Prepare diligently Empathize with your evaluator Help your evaluator improve Prepare to change How can we improve?

Sometimes when motivats meeting is running long and the general evaluation is cut short, the evaluation of the evaluators is often missed or glossed over however, for everyone to improve it is important that evaluators are evaluated.


What does it take to receive the Competent Communicator award? The answer is that there are several benefits — Benefits for the Evaluafe, Benefits for the Evaluator and Benefits for the Speaker. All that it requires is that the evaluator does all the talking while the speaker listens. This site uses cookies. The information is valuable to new and experienced members. Thank you very much for your appreciation, Mukhtar.

How do we Improve? How to build a positive club: How to Evaluate Effectively Show that you are interested. What I heard What words were used? But how effective our evaluation is, how is it received by the person at the other end and what change does it bring in him are some of the points to be considered. They may even exaggerate to the good side. You are commenting using your WordPress. How, through your feedback, can they go on to improve their ability to communicate?

Email required Address never made public. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Remember that you are speaking only for yourself, giving only your opinion. Presentation link to order Description Digital Content Moments Of Truth How to recognize and deal with situations critical to club success.

Phrase your suggestions in terms of the probable effect of their toastmasyers on you and the members of the audience. Read other educational speeches. Are you speaking in a monotone? In Toastmasters the assigned evaluator provides both immediate written and verbal feedback to the speaker.

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