Gopal Sahastranaam, or offering of Light, in the Tantric tradition is a daily practice , an interface between man and Sahastranaam, is the divine Light. The thousand names of Sri Gopala, Lord Krishna. shri-gopäla-sahasra-näma- stotra-jape viniyogah. athavä om aim klim bijam. shrim hrim shaktih. provides services of Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi in pdf, Read Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi, Free Downlaod Gopal .

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He plays a flute vamshuli. His eyebrows are graceful su-bhru-yugala. He is auspiciousness bhavya. He breathed the Vedas into His flute. He should meditate on the Lord decorated gopal sahasranam in a garland of forest flowers.

Each name, arranged in sahasganam order, is followed by the text where it is found. He takes away everything gopal sahasranam in and hara. His form is situated in pure goodness shuddha-sattvika-vigraha.

He knows everything sarva-jna. He gave devotional service to Bhishma bhishma-bhakti-prada. He is filled with perfect transcendental bliss purnananda-ghani-bhuta. His daughter gopal sahasranam in find a good husband. His form resembles that of a human sahaseanam nara. He is splendid param-jyoti. By remembering these names one breaks into pieces many multitudes of sins.


He has conquered illusion and anger jita-krodha-moha. He is handsome sundara. He is victorious jayi. He has the most graceful gentle smile manda-smita-tama.

In this way one brings the three worlds under his control. The alternate bija-syllable is Om aim klim. He is the Supreme Gopal sahasranam in of Gppal devala. He stepped over the three worlds tri-vikrama. He was born from Devaki’s womb devaki-garbha-sambhuta.

He is passionate ranjaka, ranjana, ranga, and rangi. He is Garuda garuda. He lifted Govardhana Hill govardhana-dhara.

A Vaishnava who gopal sahasranam in chants these names late at night finds that the goddess of fortune comes fopal his home from far away. He gopal sahasranam in not die. How much more so will ordinary people serve him? He is the universal form vishvamurti. O master of the demigods, O great master, what is this prayer that you recite again and again? He is like a bee rolambi. The meter is anushtup. The Glories of the Holy Names.


Read / Download Gopal Sahastranaam Stotram in Hindi

He becomes contaminated with all these sins. He is virtue lakshana. Of this there is no doubt. They should never be given to such persons.

He is the great impediment avarodhaka. He has 16, wives sahasra-shodasha-strisha. He loves His devotees bhakta-tat-para.

In this way one kills death. Gopal sahasranam in is the leader of gopaal demigods sura-jyeshtha.

Never reveal them to a dishonest person, a sinner, or a rake. He is the most powerful mahotkata. He is the crown of the demigods deva-shekhara. His cheeks are graceful su-kapola-yuga. O great goddess, in this way the Lord is manifest as a gopal sahasranam in boy.

You are the master of the entire universe and its destroyer as well. He is handsome sudarshana.

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