Overview Written for the experienced engineer as well as the student, this comprehensive reference presents the fundamental aspects of jig and fixture design in. This book explains both basic principles and advanced designs and applications for today’s flexible systems and controlled machines. Chapters include. Poulto Presto JIG and FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL ERRATA (Henriksen: JIG AND FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL) Page 66 – Substitute the.

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In such in- stances, it may be preferable fisture machine some other surface first, which then can serve as the clamping surface for the “most severe” operation.

In such cases, be sure that stops, rails, nests, or fencings can be provided on hamdbook drill table to prevent rotation of the jig. No eBook available Industrial Press Inc.

Handbook of Jig and Fixture Design, 2nd Edition – William E. Boyes – Google Books

Check clearance relative to the fixture walls, the locating and centering devices, and the clamps. Wear on Locators Wear is a complicated process and has been exten- sively studied. This calls for close fixtuge both in the design of the fixture and of the inspection device.

Covering topics on priciples of fixturing with countless examples. Great book for all mechanical engineers and designers to have in their library. These will be termed “radial lo- cators.

Application and Classification of Jigs and Fixtures The obvious place jig and fixture design handbook jigs and fixtures is in mass production, where large quantity output offers am- ple opportunity for recovery of the necessary invest- ment.

Ideally, combine ail clampings so that they are operated simultaneously by one clamping lever.


The bore goes through the fixture wall; a blind hole will trap air during pressing and does not permit easy removal of the button for replacement. The glass fiber reinforcement is strong and rigid and the quan- tity of resin used is small, thus handboo dimensional tol- jig and fixture design handbook on the molded surface are very close.

Jig and Fixture Design Manual

User Review – Flag as inappropriate In this way the fixture can be made to accom- modate parts with wider tolerances, such as ordinary jig and fixture design handbook and forgings. Examples of such lists are given in Tables throughwhile Ad gives a similar list of the individual items concerning the fixture itself.

Nesting The next logical step, again applicable to flat parts or parts with at least one flat or fairly flat surface, is to nest it along its contour or along the contour on its extreme dseign. Includes bibliographical references, 1. For rotating fixtures such as on lathe spindlescheck to jig and fixture design handbook sure that the fixture is balanced with part in place. Two such materials are available; the first is class C-2 sintered tungsten carbide, a straight cobalt grade desing 6 percent cobalt and 94 percent tungsten car- bide with a hardness of 92 Rockwell A.

Jig and Fixture Design Manual – Erik Karl Henriksen – Google Books

The Initial Design Concept The design concept is, even if not yet put on paper, presumably in the designer’s mind at an early stage of the first phase. Provision for alignment of precision press-fitted precision parts.

Shapes formed by bending may show different springback. However, they do not provide a well-defined bearing area.


Because of the tol- erances, the part cannot jig and fixture design handbook be brought into effective contact on the two surfaces. Arc welds distort less than gas welds. The ratio of wear resistance of the four materials— case-hardened carbon steel, har- dened tool steel, cast tungsten carbide Stellite typeand sintered tungsten carbide— is 1: Many of the book’s equations are of such a nature that conversion is jig and fixture design handbook since they are equally valid in English and in metric units.

Be hxndbook to use compressed air; while highly effective on crum- bling and powdery chips, it contaminates the shop atmosphere with hahdbook dust.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Beware of screw heads, bosses, accessory parts not always in useoperating handles or levers, of the machine tool in all their positions. One more aspect should certainly be con- sidered, namely, the operator, and the human limita- tions imposed, as listed in Table The dis- tortions cannot be predicted except in rather general terms and may well vary from piece to piece. The medium carbon group is numbered jig and fixture design handbook,,Ch. Large bearing areas provide jig and fixture design handbook support for the part and permit a great deal of freedom in the placement of clamping forces without danger of elastic distor- tion deflection, springing of the part; also, as the bearing pressures are low the rate of wear is reduced.

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