6 May Sándor Szathmári’s satirical novel, Voyage to Kazohinia, is based on an implicit insight into the diametric model of mental illness. KAZOHINIA Magvetõ Könyvkiadó, Budapest, Translated by Inez Kemenes Translation revised by Fred Macnicol Cover design by Mária Hódosi. PDF | On Mar 1, , Zsolt Czigányik and others published Negative Utopia in Central Europe: Kazohinia and the Dystopian Political Climate of the s.

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Gulliver is soon unhappy in the bleak perfection of this way of life — as he sees it — and asks to be admitted to the closed settlement of the Behins, beings with souls and atavistic human traits. He hopes that, living akzohinia a walled-off area among the Behins, he will meet others with human feelings. Food is available when you want and however much you want.

Voyage to Kazohinia

Back Find a Therapist. F B rated it liked it Apr 03, It cannot be said that Kazohinia was produced under the influence of Aldous Huxley, although there are many similarities, as it was written two years before Brave Kazohinai World appeared.

Dec 27, Linda C rated it liked it.

And it really is the Kazohiniia who discovers it, a modern day version, a naval doctor shipwrecked while fighting for Britain’s ‘rightful interests’ against the wrongful interests of an Italian state presumptuous enough to think they too can have an empire.

The Hins all work for each other because not to do so would entail suffering, yet they only cooperate when there is a tangible benefit, hardly conversing otherwise.

Overall, a very enjoyable read which I recommend to fans of Dystopian literature akzohinia curious readers alike!

The author of this book provided free copies of the book to have their book reviewed by a professional reviewer. Return to Book Page. At first, this new land of Kazohinia is agreeable to Gulliver: Author becomes acquainted with a Hin woman in whom he wants to build a soul — His experiments have unfortunate kazohiniaa — He is taken once more to hospital.


Voyage to Kazohinia: A Diametric Dystopia | Psychology Today

Everything among the Hins is perfectly ordered. He washes up on an island populated by the Hins, practical and emotionless people who live by the principles of ‘kazo’ and ‘kazi’, which could be loosely translated as rightness and wrongness: It is in vain for the sane mind to try diverting itself; it promises in vain kkazohinia be silent, and against its better judgment it will watch their suicidal dance without a helping word.

Eleanor rated it really liked it Aug 08, Gulliver admires their technological advances but the absence of purpose and loss of interpersonal relationships, especially with a woman he likes she only cares about sex mazohinia relationships from a physical standpointcauses him to request moving to where the other society, the Behins, are sequestered. As in that work, there coexist two dissimilar, segregated societies, one developed and the other backward.

Review of Voyage to Kazohinia () — Foreword Reviews

Written by an obscure Hungarian in Esparanto, first published in but not translated into english untilKazohinia is a unique and fascinating gem of utopian literature. This will subscribe you to all of our newsletters, announcements, and promotional content. The cruiser is sunk by explosion but author has a merciful escape.

The importance of words is at odds in both societies. Author becomes acquainted with some of the secrets of the Hins — In this chapter we come to know that the Hins have no kind of constitutional form — Zatamon’s strange opinions concerning the administration of justice, love, the soul, and literature — Author’s difficult game of chess with his tutor — A confused explanation about the kazo.


Author encounters the Behins ‘ strangest fancy: David rated it really liked it Kazouinia 10, This part of the novel is in fact satire, with each insanity of the Behins translating to kazhoinia of the Western, Christian society of the protagonist such as war, religion, etiquette, kzzohinia, and philosophy.

All their actions satirise our own tendancy to worship symbols, even to the point of conflict, but much of what they do goes beyond the point of silliness. This is also something of a science-fiction story, with the Hins living in a highly technologically-advanced, automated, money-less, seeming utopia, where food, clothing, housing, transport, educationand medical care are provided for all free of charge through spontaneous co-operation without any kind of centralized control, administration, or law enforcement.

Christopher Robert Badcock, Ph. Their world could be considered utopian, but they lack a lot of the things that make us humans happy and also angsty and unstable. In this chapter light will finally be cast on the secrets of kazlhinia Hins ‘ strange life — The Behinity and the kazo — Author and his country are deeply offended by Zatamon, leading him to a decision.

Indeed, it is the latter feature which makes this hitherto overlooked masterpiece so relevant to society and psychology today. Arpad rated it it was amazing Apr 15,