Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol. Sep;60(3) Lichenoid dysplasia: a distinct histopathologic entity. Krutchkoff DJ, Eisenberg E. We have observed. Citation. M Virdi, A Sachdev, A Gupta, K Aggarwal. Lichen Planus Or Lichenoid Dysplasia: Is It Premalignant!. The Internet Journal of Head and Neck Surgery. We have observed, both in the literature and in practice, that pathologists frequently fail to appreciate subtle dysplastic features in lesions with lichenoid.

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The malignant potential ydsplasia oral lichen planus is questioned in the recent past. Lesions in erythema multiforme are more common in anterior part of the oral cavity; blood crusted ulceration on lips are almost exclusively seen in erythema multiforme.

Unilateral plaque type oral lichenoid lesion on the lateral border of tongue representing oral lichenoid dysplasia Click here to view. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The lesion had irregular margins with slightly raised surface and measured around 1. Histologically, a characteristic Periodic Acid Schiff PAS stained positive material is seen along the basement membrane and around the blood vessels.

Is Oral Lichen Planus Premalignant? Eisenberg E, Krutchkoff DJ.

Oral lichen planus versus epithelial dysplasia: difficulties in diagnosis

Eisenberg and Krutchkoff suggested that some lesions diagnosed as lichen planus might have, in fact, been epithelial dysplasias with a clinical lichenoid appearance. The pathogenesis of these two lesions is entirely different – in lichen planus the lichenoid infiltrate represents cell mediated immune response incited by different antigens whereas in LD, it represents immune surveillance mechanism against atypical epithelial cells [ 2 ]. Mucosal erythema of obscure origin displaying spontaneous, usually temporary, dyspladia to complete regression may be common to both purely inflammatory conditions like lichen planus and early epithelial dysplasia.


Indian J Dent Res ; Oral manifestations of erythema multiforme. Published online May 1.

Diagnostic criteria and their importance in alleged relationship to oral cancer. The clinical features, malignant potential, and systemic associations of oral lichen planus: Histopathological examination revealed hyperparakeratinized hyperplastic epithelium with saw tooth shaped rete ridges and juxta epithelial band of chronic inflammatory cells chiefly lymphocytes.

Review and update on pathogenesis. Immune activation and chronic inflammation as the cause of malignancy in oral lichen planus: Although speckled erythroplakia was the earliest clinical sign of a classic, nonregressing premalignant lesion, it already signaled the presence of invasive carcinoma. World Health Organization Classification of Tumours. Additionally, some cell disorders indicative of malignant disease present in oral lichen planus may also be seen in epithelial dysplasia, thus making diagnosis even harder and consequently emphasizing the relevance of offering long term follow-up to patients with this disease, not because of its malignant potential, but due to possible mistakes made in the initial diagnosis.

Van der Meij and Van der Waal 17 wrote well about such difficulty. Clinico-pathological mimicry and its diagnostic implications.

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Biopsy pathology of the oral tissues. J Calif Dent Assoc ; In the present study enlargement of cell dimension is noticed in basal as well as spinous layer.

We contend that some, if not most, cases of apparent malignant transformation of OLP likely represent red and white lesions that were dysplastic from their inception but that mimic OLP both clinically and histologically.


Evolution of the lesion of discoid lupus erythematosus: Clinical management and malignant transformation. Patients exposed to or carrying risk factors for oral cancer such as smoking and drinking were also excluded. The possible premalignant character of oral lichen planus and oral lichenoid lesions: Oral proliferative verrucous leukoplakia: How to cite this article: Clinical management and malignant transformation. H, Jin Y, Yang L. OLP patients should have regular follow-up examinations from two to four times annually 3.

In retrospect, the initial biopsy specimens of two patients exhibited lichenoid dysplasia, whereas that of the third showed only lichenoid mucositis. Thus the parameters studied may have a value in predicting their behavior. Patil3 and Shekhar Kapoor 4. A comparison with lichen planus.

A simple and reliable biopsy technique. This case was clinically diagnosed as lichen planus but was confirmed to be LD histologically.

Erythema multiforme, graft versus dysplasiaa disease, lichenoid drug reactions, oral lichenoid dysplasia, oral lichenoid lesion, oral lichen planus, stomatitis venenata.

Drugs reported in the literature as being related to oral lichenoid reactions [23] Click here to view.

We report one such case, where a year-old male with excessive burning sensation had similar clinical picture as that of lichen planus but was histologically diagnosed as LD. Three month review following the treatment for the first year and biannually for the next two years is recommended.