Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P Vol II Apx 2, Status Codes at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to . Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P Volume II: Appendix 23 Acquisition Advice Codes at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. Study Flashcards On NAVSUP P VOL II at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the grade you.

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BHD Delinquent materiel navsup p vol 2. The official web site of the us naval supply systems command navsup we are a global enterprise delivering combat capability through logistics to navy, marine. Part I, Section A of the index is sequenced how?

C Activity indicated in positions Activity in position Chapter 9 material management table of contents 91 organizational level most secondary item dlrs managed by p wss have been transferred to nwcf. Here you can navsup p vol 2 or download chilton chevy equinox manual directly from the official website.

The correct source of supply is in rp If submitting a new document number, a cancellation must be forwarded on the original requisition to ensure against a potential duplicate shipment.

What items material are exempt from the FSC, name one?


No response is required. To clearly and accurately describe the essential technical requirements for material and services. What system was developed as a plan for classifying, indexing, and numbering Navy technical manuals to navsup p vol 2 standardization and modernization? Navsyp This Flashcard Set Close. Learn navsup p vol 2, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.


Please select the correct language navsup p vol 2. AT5 Follow-up For overseas shipment with exception data. Navsup p vol 2 delay is anticipated and estimated shipping date is in rp Item is seasonal and not available for delivery during current shipping period. BHC Materiel control replacement transaction. If still navsup p vol 2, submit a new requisition use new requisition number and current julian date.

What is the title of the overall program which provides the data required for effective management support equipment at the organizational and intermediate levels of aircraft maintenance? How often are ASI tapes received aboard ship? All materials, not dangerous in themselves, which are asphyxiating in confined areas or which are generally handled in a dangerous physical state navsup p vol 2 pressure or temperature are contained in what color cylinder?

What document identifier is used for ordering tech manuals? What is FSC group 42?

Set the Language Close. How many parts make up the MRIL? Do not cut or alter materials other than as shown in the stock list. Fill or kill at inventory control point iu.

Show hint 3rd side. See rp to determine the activity performing the validation.

Y No status to requisitioner rp or supplementary address rp other than mandatory shipment status to the ship-to activity designated by the signal code rp Nonrecurring demand for special program requirements stocked by an IM in anticipation of such demands. If offered substitute is desired, submit a new requisition use new requisition number and current ki date with substitute item stock number.


Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Navsul sign in to share these flashcards. Posted on Nasvup 13, in Software. After completing an ILO.

NAVSUP P-485, Volume 1, Chapter 9 Financial Management Flashcards Preview

International Logistics Program funds are not navsup p vol 2 to process this navsup p volume ii. Navsup p vol 2 An item manager disposal directive directing materiel excesses movement to the disposal activity navsup p nzvsup ii quantity to be retained is entered in rp C Requisitioner positions Position 52 and Project codes contained in requisitions will be perpetuated inall related navaup and appear as a part of the shipping container markings.

COSAL maintenance action number sequence. Comment or recommendation, as desired. Show hint 3rd navsup p vol 2. What provides both technical and supply information which makes it an Integrated Logistics Support document? Please sign in navsup p vol 2 add to folders. Who may initiate ASI tape processing on board the ship? North Atlantic Treaty Organization Countries.