9 Oct The appeals were followed by a failed Mercy Petition for executive clemency submitted under the Pakistan Prisons Rules of , based on. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to prisons in [2][Pakistan], and to provide rules for the regulation of such prisons;. It is hereby enacted as. Known as the Pakistan Prison Rules, the manual grew out of the federal of and was adopted by the provinces in Chapter 12 of the Rules.

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Solitary confinement, on the other hand, is regularly ordered by prison authorities for a sweeping range of infractions, whether committed by convicts or prisoners who are under trial. It is noticed that most of such under-trial prisoners are languishing in jails due to delays in the rkles of their cases.

The personnel should receive such training as will enable them to carry out their responsibilities effectively, in particular training in child psychology, child welfare and international standards and norms of human rights and the rights of the child, including the present Rules.

The conditions of such meeting places are, pakistab, stated to be deplorable. They lack basic facilities such as fans, benches, toilets, etc.

The juvenile ward is a two-story building, divided into four halls. The Rules state, “An offence will be considered a minor offence, when it is dealt with by a minor punishment, and a major offence when dealt with by a major punishment.

Asif Ali Zardari issued an indefinite moratorium on execution of death sentences for prisoners on death row on September 9,and lifted the moratorium on March 10, If need be, appeal for donation may be made prisin the general public for the purpose of donating books, pdison other printed material to jail inmates.

Children, accompanied by parents or guardians, may also be allowed to meet their relations in prisons. Thereport included the results of a medical examination of children in Lahore District Jail. In case of transfer, the ticket must rulrs sent with the prisoner to the other prison. With a view to address the problem of lack of transport facilities and security arrangements, the Government may establish courts on or near jail premises for the expeditious dules of cases.


It is further recommended that the prisoners may be kept in death cell according to the capacity of the cell.

B and C class prisoners to have same meal – Newspaper –

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan notes that the Code includes 27 offenses for which a convicted felon may receive the death penalty in the country. Elsewhere in the country, segregation is effected through separate enclosures for women and juveniles within the same premises.

It is recommended that in every Jail, facilities should be established for the purpose of general as well as vocational and pakietan education to prisoners. Award of Punishment by Jail Superintendent. Similarly, about 60 letters pgison received from the prisoners in jails and from the general public, pointing out various problems and complaints regarding the abuse of the powers by jail authorities and non-provision of proper facilities to jail pakiwtan.

Children should also be allowed to meet their relations in prisons. Security System There are often reports of escape of prisoners from jails. Their diet for Ramazan and Eid occasions has also been revised. Questions Ask a Librarian Contact Us.

Global Legal Monitor

Jail Visits Chapter 38 of the Jail Manual deals with the visit of jail by official and non-official visitors to carry out inspection and to ensure proper compliance with the rules. Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of Urles to have a better ruled experience. Presently, the system of calculating and keeping record of the remissions earned by prisoners is somewhat complex. The international Islamic University and Allama Iqbal Open University may be approached to manage courses, through correspondence, for the jail inmates.

In Pakistan, we need to implement this scheme in earnest. Pakistan Prison Rules, Rule It is recommended by the Special Committee for Jail Reforms of the NWFP Provincial Assembly that a food committee may be constituted from amongst the educated and well behaved suitable prisoners to check the meal provided to the prisoners.

Sometimes it is difficult for them to meet their counsels.

This problem becomes more acute when there are crises in jail premises. Although the jail authorities had denied Aslam’s requests for a meeting with the superintendent, other boys in the prison had raised his case during visits by their parents. Training courses for warders in Punjab have been reduced from four to just three months.

For children held in prisons other than juvenile institutions, the Prison Rules provide that “efforts shall be made to teach the Nimaz [prayer], elementary education, and industrial training under proper supervision.


With regard to juveniles, the Prison Rules should at least be consistent with this provision.

The provincial government, he said, employed teachers of both secular and religious subjects in the training center.

This provision nevertheless contravenes the U. Although Rule of the Pakistan Prison Rules requires prison warders to complete a four-month training course in prison rules and regulations, its application has been curtailed by the frequent refusal of provincial prison authorities to permit the attendance of new recruits. Release on Parole Section 2 and 5 of the Good Conduct Prisoners Probational Release Act, deal with powers and conditions for the release of convicts on parole.

In Chapter 3, Rule 65 iafter the words history ticket, the word “duplicate” shall be inserted. To start rukes, at least one such facility should be immediately established in each province. Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners similarly require that facilities provide prisoners separate beds and clean bedding, adequate sanitary and bathing installations, and well-prepared, nutritious meals.

Provided that the use of hand’cuff during the walk shall be applied only in respect rulse terrorists or dangerous criminals.

Secular subjects, on the other hand, are taught by adult prisoners-who Baloch said were teachers before 19978 three hours each morning. He was informed that regular educational classes were conducted for prisoners and training was also imparted to them for learning computer lessons.

Lining either side of each hall are eight raised cement platforms.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual) | Punjab Judicial Academy

In its report on jail reform, the Pakistan Law Commission noted that “[i]n all prisons, the hospitals are without proper laboratories, equipments and necessary medicines. They should be given proper training. Such centers do exist and are functioning in some prisons.

Oakistan for Lahore District Jail, April It was brought to the notice of the Commission that, most of the prisoners, both rjles and convicted, were ignorant of their right of bail under the law.