19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 28 May ASM & RMAN Interview question with Answer: RMAN Interview question with Answer: What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 12 Feb Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions (11g new feature), you can perform database duplication without backups by using the network.

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If you are doing a lot of partition activity then expect to see that wait even. Suppose we lost datafiles in recovery catalog, how to recover them? In oracle 9i OEM having limited capability or resource compares to oracle 10g grids. Rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g If you are running RMAN interactively and you want to see output on your terminal screen as well as have it written to a log file, use tee command:.

Similarly online logs are equally important and loosing them can also cause database to crash, incomplete recovery and possible data loss. Online Redo Logs Outline the steps for recovery with missing online redo logs? Sometimes RMAN log files may have already been overwritten by the next backup or simply just deleted. What is auxiliary channel in RMAN? For example, is it possible to restore or duplicate my 9.

Once again thanks for creating this blog. The crosscheck command only processes files created on the same device type as the channel running crosscheck. For such queries the specified cluster key value is hashed. Many objects are created in this datafile. Sir Really i have no words to describe regarding your Website.


What is Oracle Golden Gate? There are many reasons such as: The maximum value of this parameter is rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g 1 hour. Allows a client rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g to be immediately notified of a planned or unplanned database service outage by subscribing to Fast Application Notification FAN events.

Operating system mirroring is good, but you questkons do database level mirroring wherever possible. In recovery catalog, we can store scripts. When a transaction modifies data in a database the before image of the modified data is stored in an undo segment which is used to restore the original values in case the transaction is rolled back.

The FAN process uses system events that Oracle publishes when cluster servers become unreachable or dman network interfaces fail. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Important RMAN Interview Questions and Answers

So that end users can use the database while recovering the tablespace as this is not the system tablespace. How do you fix it? The backup program goes to read an 8k Oracle block. May 27, Reply. As per my understanding it is just a report, they are still there until you delete them.

Interview Questions & Answer on RMAN | Ashutosh Nautiyal Oracle DBA’s Blog

There are two types of synonyms private and public. To provide this level of protection, the redo data needed to recover a transaction must be written to both the online redo log and to at least one standby database before the transaction commits. If you configure a single voting disk, then you should use external mirroring to provide redundancy.


Tablespaces are not put in backup mode, thus there is noextra redo log generation during online backups. This information straight out of the database by using SQL queries. How you will recreate a new parameter file rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g the parameters set to previous values.?

What happens when you restore a file containing fractured block?

Learning Oracle: RMAN Interview Questions & Answers

A 21 1 Oracle home-related files 2 External files 3 Network configuration files 4 Password files 1. If your flash recovery area is NOT as reliable as the main database storage, the chance of failure in the flash recovery area is greater compared to the main database disks.

Difference between catalog and nocatalog? To find out more, including how to gman cookies, see here: One way to test this is to set sqlnet. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What is Cache Fusion Technology? lracle

September 29, Reply.