19 Nov rman interview and scenario based questions and answer and also rman(backup and What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 28 May ASM & RMAN Interview question with Answer: RMAN Interview question with Answer: What are new features in Oracle 11g RMAN? 12 Feb Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions (11g new feature), you can perform database duplication without backups by using the network.

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RMAN does not require you to put the database in backup mode. Backup set is logical and backup piece is physical.

Rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g do you identify what are the all the target databases that are being backed-up with RMAN database? RMAN is an Oracle Database client It performs backup and recovery tasks on your databases and automates administration of your backup rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g It greatly simplifies the dba jobs by managing the production database’s backing up, restoring, and recovering database files This tool integrates with sessions running on an Oracle database to perform a range of backup and recovery activities, including maintaining an RMAN repository of historical data about backups There is no additional installation required for this tool It is by default get installed with the oracle database installation The RMAN environment consists of the utilities and databases that play a role in acking up your data We can access RMAN through the command line or through Oracle Enterprise Manager Why to use RMAN?

Oracle recommends the flash recovery area as a logical candidate to keep a copy of all the files belonging to the redundancy set which includes the most recent database backup on disk. An AU is the fundamental unit of allocation within a disk group. When one instance fails to communicate with other instances or when one instance becomes inactive due to any reason and is unable to issue the control file heartbeat, the split brain is detected and the detecting instance will evict the failed instance from the database.


One or more datafiles, two or more redo log files, and one or more control files.

Oracle Database RMAN Interview Questions

Exactly its difficult to know. The backup program starts running again multi-tasking OS here and reads the last 4k of the block. What is this called? In unused block compression, RMAN can skip data blocks that have never been used. Very nice post… Keep doing the great work. How can you display warning messages? The OS gives it 4k. No, the recovery catalog should not reside in the target database database rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g quesyions backed up because the database can not be recovered in the mounted state.

Learning Oracle: RMAN Interview Questions & Answers

One of the junior DBA while working with Production environment on Thursday afternoon, due to media failure, one of the data file is corrupted. How many days backup, by default RMAN stores? But in oracle10g, it is optional. The block that the operating system reads can be split, that is, the top of the block is written at one point in time while the bottom of the block is written at another point in time.

A 10 Control file is very important file for the database operation. Oracle Cluster Registry OCR — Maintains cluster configuration information as well as configuration information about any cluster database within the cluster.

A differential backup, which backs up all blocks changed after the most recent incremental backup at level 1 or 0 A cumulative backup, which backs up all blocks changed after the most recent incremental backup at level 0 To maintain read consistency, Oracle rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g back all uncommitted transactions when the associated database is re-started.

What is a redo log? There is no Backup available, Can we take a Level 1 backup? What are the new features in Oracle 11g?

Now, if you have the extra 3 on standby, the standby in this case can start to use 3 while its 1 is being archived. If transaction is rolled back information from UNDO is applied to restore original datafile.


What are the differences between crosscheck and validate commands? SCN based hot backup recovery Outline the rmab involved in SCN based recovery from the full database from hot backup? A datafile is added to the database last week.

What are the new features of oracle 10g RMAN? Which process is responsible in writing intervies SCN to controlfiles which are re- created? Logical reads form a superset of the global cache service operations. Q 19 What are the most important recovery catalog rman interview questions and answers in oracle 11g A database is divided into Logical Intrview Unit called tablespaces. Take the tablespace or datafile to be recovered offline if the database is open Restore a backup of the datafiles you want to recover Apply online or archived redo logs, or a combination of the two ASM provides striping and mirroring.

Can we perform level 1 backup without level 0 backup? With that information, RMAN will copy blocks to the backup piece. When can hash cluster used? Each databases logically divided into one iinterview more tablespaces one or more data files are explicitly created for each tablespace.

Important RMAN Interview Questions and Answers

In fact backup strategy is purely depends upon your organization business need. Which storage parameter would you modify to solve this problem?

What is a Complete Recovery? Later on when importing the extents will be coalesced. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I suspect question is not clear. It pertains data of local node only and is not shared among other nodes. Its not recommended to have multiple catalog database. Information about RMAN scripts stored in the recovery catalog.