Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Morsi (Marrying Stone) returns to Marrying Stone, Ark., , for this pleasant hearth-and-home romance. 23 Jun Simple Jess. By Pamela Morsi, , Americana Romance Jove, $ ISBN #0- Preceded by Marrying Stone. Sensuality: Subtle. Read “Simple Jess” by Pamela Morsi with Rakuten Kobo. Jesse Best is a simple man with simple ambitions, his own dog, his own gun and a woman. In this very.

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Please try again later. But how did mountain people know that? Or will she pick the man she has come to rely on? He realizes that he is “different” and “slow” but works hard to be the best person that he can be. A Bed of Jrss and Roses: My guess is that Althea just can’t get over him and everyone else humors her. And love, in the most unlikely place. And she’d like to do it alone. Jesse is different from them, and if having a disability today is simplw, we can imagine how harder it must’ve been at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Review: Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi | The Book Pushers | Book Reviews | Book Chatter

I have internalized that message way too much. I can’t say I blamed her for doing so. This is a sweet romance that takes place in the early in the mountains in Arkansas? Universe and a really great golden retriever. And, mark my words, once you’re in that bed, that man’ll be in there with you.


His father understood him, taught him what he could in order to make a living, and taught him to be a man. She begged him to stay, he didn’t.

I was so eager to see the relationship between Althea and Jesse happen and grow. There is really very little drama and it’s extremely low angst. He was truly a delight.

And love and care for you until the day I die. He’s beautiful, and loving, and strong, and smart get back with your bad self and he learns. Lesson she clearly didn’t learn, because not only she forgave him, but also proceeded to have actual sex with him, right afterward.

I have read this story any number of times over the years and it never diminishes.

This book is sweet and fascinating at the same time. This was such a sweet romance that I grew to love Jesse because of his sweet nature. Althea knew she had her choice of any single man in Marrying Stone, Arkansas. When Althea needed help he gave it to her, asking for very little in return.

Simple Jess

But he did take another deep breath, merely to enjoy it. He is called Simple Jess by the Ozark mountain community where he lives, made up primarily of two families. She just stubbornly refuses, not investing any time or thought into getting a semblance of independence. She apologizes for slapping him, which I was fine with. What a wonderful character he was! Althea knew she had her choice of any single man sumple Marrying Stone, Arkansas.


His brother-in-law knew that there was more to Jess than what the outside world saw and tried to help Jess as much as he could. Do I sound child enough? And thank goodness, because pity sex is just pathetic.

She was to find herself a husband by Christmas…or the town would do it for her! Item s unavailable for purchase. He is more mkrsi willing to help in exchange for Althea’s husband’s dogs.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Other characters were unlikeable, but that creates the story.

I have not read anything by this author, but I would like to read this one.