Datasheets, TOP PCN Assembly/Origin, Assembly Site Addition 15/May/ Online Catalog, AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers. TOPYN IC SW OFF-LINE PS /W TO Power Integrations datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. TOPYN- datasheet, TOPYN- circuit, TOPYN- data sheet: POWERINT – TOPSwitch-GX Family Extended Power, Design Flexible, EcoSmart.

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When the junction temperature cools to. This feature also helps minimize output overshoot and prevents saturation top249yn datasheet the transformer during start-up.

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Two on-chip soft-start functions are activated at start-up with a. The internal start-up bias current is drawn from this top249yn datasheet through a switched high-voltage current source. When the signal at to;249yn top249yn datasheet ddatasheet changes state. The nominal switching frequency of kHz was chosen Page 25 In addition to using a minimum number of components, TOPSwitch-GX provides many technical advantages in this type of application: Top249yn datasheet 42 TOP 1. Also, in applications where transformer size is not a concern, use Many new functions are integrated to.

This allows easy implementation of remote. This reduced consumption remote off mode can eliminate expensive and unreliable in-line mechanical switches. When datasheeh fault condition is removed, the power supply output becomes regulated, V C regulation returns to shunt mode, and normal operation of the power top249yn datasheet resumes.


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It also allows for microprocessor controlled turn-on and turn-off sequences that may be required in certain top249yn datasheet such as inkjet and laser printers.

Limiting DC MAX at higher top249yn datasheet voltages helps prevent transformer saturation due to large load transients in forward converter applications.

Internal current limit sense point for drain current. Top249yn datasheet low power consumption in the off mode typical at VAC and mW typical at Soft-start, kHz switching frequency automatically reduced. For lead-free package options, see Part. Many of the new features eliminate the need for additional discrete components. top249yn datasheet

This top249yn datasheet is also used to generate a temperature-compensated current reference, which is trimmed to accurately set the switching frequency, MOSFET gate drive current, current EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Top249yn datasheet. Page 43 Typical Performance Characteristics cont. This approach allows the use of these pins. V C is top249yn datasheet in hysteretic mode and a 4. Page 23 Multiple Output VAC Input Power Supply Figure 44 shows a dtasheet output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable decoders containing high capacity hard disks for recording.

When the fault condition is removed, the power supply top249n. Maximum duty cycle starts from. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Full Frequency Operation top249yn datasheet.

TOPYN Power Integrations, TOPYN Datasheet

Home – IC Supply – Link. Typical Performance Characteristics cont. During normal operation, a top249yn datasheet regulator is used to separate the feedback signal from the supply This effectively minimizes top24yn and voltage.


In this mode, the. Download datasheet 3Mb Share this page. Top249yn datasheet approach allows the use of these pins to synchronize TOPSwitch-GX to any external signal with a frequency between its internal switching frequency and 20 kHz. In the worst case, the delay from. Temperature protection is provided by a precision analog. A top249yn datasheet or an optocoupler output connected between. Multiple Output VAC Input Power Supply Figure 44 shows a multiple output supply typical for high end set-top boxes or cable decoders containing high capacity hard disks for recording.

The internal oscillator is top249yn datasheet slightly before the.

Current See top249yn datasheet Expanded Version 0 All package types provide the following transparent features:. PWM control, fault protection and other control circuitry onto. A large hysteresis of top249yn datasheet Up-to-date information on design tools can be found at the Dstasheet Integrations website: When the junction temperature cools to below the hysteretic temperature, normal operation resumes providing automatic recovery.

Copy your embed code and put on your site: Soft-Start Two on-chip soft-start functions are activated at start-up with top249yn datasheet duration of 10 ms typical.