Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rihards Olups has over 10 years of experience in IT. Zabbix Network Monitoring – Kindle edition by Rihards Olups. as some of zabbix forum participants might have noticed, there’s a recently published book on zabbix – “Zabbix Network Monitoring “. Zabbix already supported network discovery, and now brings both improvements to the network.

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questions after reading “Zabbix Network Monitoring” book – ZABBIX Forums

Lists with This Book. While the scenario above is very simplistic, something similar has happened to most IT workers at one or another point in their careers. Currently SSH and telnet cannot be used in actions, this functionality will be available in future releases.

Then chapter two moves onto configuration, ending with getting your first alert. Allan rated it liked it Feb 15, Being able to quickly find desired data gathering entries is crucial to efficient configuration, and in Zabbix 1.

You will learn to visualize the gathered data with graphs and the various tips and tricks that are provided will help to use Zabbix more efficiently and avoid common pitfalls. Instead of simply displaying generic host status, in 1. Imagine you’re celebrating the start of the weekend with Friday-night drinks with a few friends.

Books by Rihards Olups. Previous versions offered ways to filter this information, and 1. Most books on monitoring tools are abstract for the first chapters, then have a really crappy installation chapter, followed by several chapters on topics that never seem to be what you actually need to do.


Map editing in Zabbix 1. Zabbix supports monitoring SNMP metrics that have dynamic identifiers. It can be configured per scenario. For fast growing file the number can be increased using the new parameter.

questions after reading “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring” book

It provides both non-intimidating access for novice users and large scale configuration features for sizable installations. What do I get with a Video? Technology news, analysis, and tutorials from Packt. Error messages are now shown as icons 18. error text is available in a popup. Windows eventlog entries now can be filtered by type, source and event ID on the agent side. After reading the first five chapters, I’ve gotten as far as I need to get Zabbix up and running.

4. What’s new in Zabbix [Zabbix Documentation ]

The book is laced with screenshots and CLI examples at all turns. This is especially important because most of the real configuration in Zabbix is via a web interface, and its confusing to navigate unless you have a picture of what you should be seeing. Well the way the book introduced it would alleviated a a lot of that for me, had it been available back then of course.

I wanted to do a large proof of concept based on Zabbix 1.

Mutal marked it as to-read Oct 09, However, the writing and zabbkx leave a lot to be desired. Item configuration section is the one where all aspects regarding data gathering are configured, thus it is displaying quite a lot of information. New report category, bar reports, allows to look at the data from many different angles.

For example, all critical messages can be delivered by using SMS messaging, while other messages using both email and SMS without ntework multiple actions. Zabbix documentation in Portuguese. We understand your time is important.


Added services key for Windows which can return services in a particular state. If you like books and love to build cool products, we may be looking for you.

Now history strings change appropriately. For example, defining the following macros on a host level allows to set custom thresholds per host, even if all hosts are linked against single template: There is also a great chapter on troubleshooting appendix actuallywhich will help you in any areas that cause you to stumble initially. For example, defining the following macros on a host level allows to set custom thresholds per host, even if all hosts are linked against single template:.

Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring

Packt Publishing LtdMar 29, – Computers – pages. Zabcon is especially exciting for users who would like to perform uncommon, large scale changes, as it allows easy scripting without programming skills. Getting Your First Notification.

Gabriel marked it as to-read Jun 17, It has a great chapter on reporting and another on graphing. As Zabbix frontend provides means to access all the information, it can be a daunting task to find the desired one. He started working on the very first book on Zabbix, Zabbix 1.